iMonk Global is one of it’s kind open source social technology and advertising enabler and first open source product company from India. We build social technology which helps businesses and brands to better understand AI based visitors, and turning a social visitor into a paying customer seemlessly and harness its real power.

Our vision is to provide easy to use tools to businesses and brands which covers 360 degree use cases when it comes to digital advertising and making sales.
We are building innovative products for various social networks which fill the critical gap – Social Networks were meant for user’s not for businesses. Our tools and products view Social from a business point of view and fill those gaps which social networks cannot fill exquisitely.

Along with our AI algorithm we also do reviews of our funnels to enable the best result out of every penny spent.

Business should own their social data and they should be in charge of what they want to do with it, generate reports and analyze data to make informed and improved business decisions. This is possible when things are open and businesses have freedom to choose, we believe open source is a way to make this possible. So that brands and businesses can embrace social technology with an open mind in an open and connected world.
We believe in providing our users with choice, we don’t push useless buggy bloatware to their throat and force them to pay for it.
Our products resonate with our vision to make social technologies more open.

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iMonk Global Team

iMonk Global believes in Talent and Skillset over education and experience.

iMonnk Global is a creative agency based in Gurgaon, India. It was started by Subhajit Biswas with a vision of fulfilling the void in social and business.

Subhajit, is a serial entrepreneur and a digital nomad and have built and sold a couple of his bootstrapped businesses.

He delivers sessions on Digital Marketing , Neuro/Psychological Marketing across Asia-Pacific (APAC).

His some of the projects that he is passionate about are

  1. Visakha Tourism (sold in Aug 2016)
  2. Unmute Media
  3. iMonk Global
  4. World 360 Holidays
  5. Sneho (E-commerce India)
  6. DogsMart ( International Dropshipping)
  7. iTrade Global

One can find more information about him here